WWWWD's Intellectual Issue

natasha poly intellectual issue wwwwd.jpg

The latest issue of WWWWD's out today and it, together with lots and lots of coffee, is helping to cure our hangover.

The Intellectual Issue covers Natasha Poly's catastrophic runway fall, one which left her with telepathic powers, and researches NASA's interest in Miuccia Prada's "obnoxious genius."

We actually laughed out loud at their sartorial timeline: Jesus invented Birkenstocks in 1 A.D. and in 2004, Gabriel Aubry, "first known human with IQ of 23 able to digest food without use of machines, claims Earth is flat on the set of a Versace shoot."

But Agyness Deyn's poem, a sort of ode to the Beatrice Inn in which she wonders, "Where shall drink with Ashley and MK / Weep I shall all night and all day," might be the most random bit.

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