Would You Wear Couture Sneakers?

lacroix for gola sneaker.jpg

We finally got to check out the full line of Gola by Christian Lacroix sneakers that won't be out til January today, and we're half excited, and half wondering why the hell we're excited.

One the one hand, they're beautiful. Black and white embroidery on leather is not something we would have previously considered for casual footwear, but somehow, it works, and we want it to work with gray jeans and worn sweaters right now.

On the other hand, they're sneakers, and they're priced between $240 and $400, which almost makes them criminal if not dangerously fun.

The idea of wearing couture (we are using that term so loosely, yes) sneakers is kind of layered - we think it might feel fun, funny, but maybe a little tool-ish, too (we are using that term so childishly, yes.) Because really, couture sneakers? Has the high/low really brought us kicks designed with 19th Century French baroque embroidery and gilded bullfighter-inspired paisley prints to wear while shopping for milk?

We're not usually ones to get in the way of something potentially ridiculous for people to wear (we've been trying to figure out how to DIY the Giles Pac-Man heads all weekend!), but we're not sure even we can wrap our heads around sneakers in the mid-hundreds.

But more importantly, can you?

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