Would You Wear a Total Look?

madonna wears a look right off the louis vuitton spring 09 runway.jpg

We can't get Madonna's green shag Louis Vuitton outfit out of our mind. Not because it's hideous, but because it's a total look from the Spring 09 Louis Vuitton runway. So instead of reacting with, "What the hell is that?" like our boyfriend did, we said "Who the hell wears practically a whole look?"

We love the runway - the innovation, the style, the down-to-the-last-detail polish. And we love integrating the pieces we can into our wardrobe, even the inspired-by steals. But a head-to-look isn't just the total yawn it is in editorials - in real life, it kind of feels like cheating, too.

And think about it - Madonna is Madonna, obviously, and even she's washed out by the runway reference (not to mention said shag), so we can't imagine how even a regular person wouldn't feel like some Burberry impersonator if they wore a total Burberry look. Besides, isn't it more fun to make designer pieces (or ideas) work with what you have to create your own version of something everybody's already seen?

The outfits we admire are always those that seem to have the most genuine personality - take Kate Moss, or the Olsens, for instance, who have yet to be photographed in a head-to-toe look (other than when on the runway).

But what do you think? Are total looks totally acceptable? Or total cop-outs?


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