Who Hearts Bloggers?

vivienne tam invitation fall 09.jpg

At the Rachel Roy presentation last season, we plopped ourselves down on a bench in the lobby of the of IAC building and posted about the show as it was still going on. Some people figured we were blogging, some people probably figured we were on Facebook, and Sessilee Lopez just smiled because she overheard us call her "gorgeous" as we typed.

At the time, it was a little like, "Why are these people on a laptop right now?" but we have a feeling things might be different this season.

Not only is Sony pushing these new blogger-friendly (read: teeny-tiny) laptops via models at the Tents, but at least one designer, Vivienne Tam, is actually welcoming those who work in real time at her show next Wednesday. Hewlett-Packard's sponsoring live-blogging stations at Vivienne's presentation on Mercer Street, meaning it'll be even easier to rip or praise her designs courtesy those HP laptops for which she designed a cover awhile back.

On a side note, Interview blogged a short piece on style bloggers last week, which makes us wonder if "blog" has lost some of that "blah" in fashion.

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