Whitney to DVF Goes Thud

Exactly two months ago, we told you about Whitney's departure from People's Revolution to DVF, and from there, it came out that she was getting her own show.

Here's the first clip from it, The City, which debuts December 29th, conveniently placed in the time continuum that is Winter Break for so much of MTV's bread and butter, just a few days after those new Christmas toys lose their shine - not a bad effort on DVF's part either, to try and brand themselves with the younger set who have yet to actually buy their first wrap dress. Perhaps there really is a television-related reason for having positioned Lauren's clothes in the midst of Diane's at Bloomingdale's - to show young girls on camera perusing not just Laurent's duds, but Diane's, too?

Anyway, here's our early verdict - This looks exactly like The Hills, except now, you could potentially make a game of spotting where the cameras take her on the grid. On the upside, maybe Diane will make an appearance.

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