White Patchouli Dances at Les Galeries Lafayettes

erykah does tom.jpg

When we think of Tom Ford, we think of sex. And then Gucci. And then perfume.

But we've never conjured an image of interpretive dancers in the middle of Les Galeries Lafayette promoting White Patchouli. Like, never ever.

And yet, there they were yesterday evening. Men in beaded black boleros violently gesticulated toward women in leotards and S&Mish pleather suspenders on top of a platform in the middle of the store coated in pictures of Erykah Badu and the retro perfume bottles.

Once we tore our eyes away from the scene, we wondered whether or not Tom had any creative control over the performance. Because aside from the bra tops and sleek hair, we don't think he'd approve.

Apparently it happens everyday, so if you're in Paris, we highly recommend checking it out, (especially since we were forbidden from taking pictures to share with you).

For laughs, at least.

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