Where's Rogan? Seriously.

rogan gregory.jpg

So, we found this video.

It's called "Where's Rogan? with Raymond Uberhoff" and it's on New York Magazine's website.

We don't know what it's for, where it's going or how it got here.

It chronicles Rogan Gregory's humble beginnings, a la E! True Hollywood Story, through to his fashionable success story. But then suddenly, he disappears and Uberhoff dedicates himself to solving the mystery.

Along the way, we meet two men who run a store called Opening Celebration and a girl who's positively beside herself when she learns Rogan's missing. We also see the designer hand sewing jeans with a needle and thread in a cage. The episode ends without a solution, but apparently this is just the beginning.

All we could think was, "Is this why his runway show got canceled at the last minute?"

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