Viv Thrills


I got to Earl's Court fifteen minutes before the Vivienne Westwood show was scheduled to start in anticipation of masses.

I didn't, however, anticipate being crushed by papparazzi once inside. I can't be sure whether they were violently snapping pictures of Dita Von Teese's heaving chest or Pamela Anderson's obscene breasts, but they definitely weren't interested in demure Emma Watson across the way.

The show opened and closed with Jourdan Dunn, and Daisy Lowe awkwardly sandwiched in between. British superstar Alexa Chung, (seriously, she's like A-list movie star famous over here), took a surprising turn on the runway, too. And for the record, she walks like Lowe's complete and total opposite - give her a few more inches and a bit more attitude, and she's right up there with Trentini.

Meanwhile, the clothes. Think The English Patient meets classic Vivienne Westwood. Then think Velvet Goldmine meets classic Viv. Oh, and the model without a shirt? I won't tell you what to think.

Going to one of Westwood's shows was a major moment for me - so please excuse the shitty pictures - I needed to soak it all in without digital camera interference.

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