Two Tickets to Nicole Miller!

nicole miller spring 09.jpg

There's always a flood of e-mails pre-Fashion Week: How can we get tickets to fashion shows?

Well, you can buy your way in via American Express - though you'll be seeing last season's collections - or you can be a socialite, an actress, an editor, a buyer, a pop star, a photographer or you can stand on the 6th Avenue sidewalk and watch everyone leave the tents which is kind of like a fashion show in its own right.

Or, if you want to go to the NIcole Miller show you can answer both of these questions correctly and McDonald's will give you two tickets. They'll also give you a $250 Visa gift card (a new outfit maybe?) and a $100 gift card to McDonald's, which is a whole lot of McFlurry's.

1. Which 90's sitcom revolved almost an entire episode around a Nicole Miller dress?

2. Which designer used to work at McDonald's? (Hint: Said person's showing in New York next week.)

If you know the answers, email us: (first person with both correct answers wins the tickets!) and we'll see you next week!

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