Trend Test: Cream Stick Blushes


I've always been a powder blush kind of girl - creams scare me.

But come summer, I'm loathe to put more powder on my already sweaty face and since there's been a recent spate of cream stick launches, which are so much more appealing than compact creams, I was willing to try again.

I started out with Avon’s Be Blushed. It has a gel-like consistency and comes in eight different shades. It didn't take much to blend it in, but once I did it was practically invisible. I had to reapply for even a hint of color and even then there was more pigment on my fingertips than my cheeks.

The next day I tried Bobbi Brown’s Sheer Color Cheek Tint. I loved all six sheer shades, the flush looked natural and stayed on all day though it wasn't nearly as easy to blend. I had to rub it in so violently that I couldn't tell whether or not my cheeks were red from the tint or from the rubbing. But once the redness subsided it had the most natural look and feel to it.

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