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Ever heard of Arnhem? It's a perfect summer vacation destination for the fash-obsessed this year.

The Dutch city is hosting The Arnhem Mode Biennale. It's their third one, but it's bigger and better this year and from the photos we're betting that it's going to be very exciting, with big brands such as Viktor & Rolf (alumni of the city's art academy), Balenciaga, Calvin Klein and others like Klavers van Engelen (his work is pictured) having donated pieces to the show.

Apparently, the whole city gets behind the production. And it's always exciting to see places other than the big four of fashion getting in on the action.

It makes us wonder, what other cities--European, American, Asian or otherwise--are poised to work their way up to major global fashion recognition and love, and more importantly, what their staying power will be. Scott Schuman and Garance both made trips to Sydney and Melbourne last month. TMagazine did a beautiful shoot combining Spring looks and the city of Chicago for their Spring 09 Travel Issue. Mainland China's on the move, and Hong Kong is already a powerful fashion capital.

Variety is what makes fashion, or any art, interesting and engaging. Every city has a unique personality, and we want to see more of them contributing and flowing into the beating heart of the fashion world.

What's your favorite, less obvious, fashion city?


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