The Story, Morning Glory

nicole richie in jet jeans.jpg

A few weeks ago, Carson came in every morning bitching about how she couldn't find JET jeans anywhere and a couple of weeks later a few pairs showed up on our doorstep.

So full disclosure - they were gifted.

We've been wearing them ever since, going on day four now. Carson's rocking a shredded light denim pair and mine are black, super tight and super skinny. Why are we telling you? Because they still haven't stretched out.

In all my jeans-wearing years, I've never ever found a pair, especially tight, skinny ones that fit well that don't stretch out by the end of day one let alone day four. This means that we're kind of okay with the fact that it's about 20 degrees cooler than it should be outside simply because we're so obsessed with wearing these jeans.

You can buy them at Scoop and Equinox in the city, apparently, or online at JET's site.

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