The GAP Hires Students

gap RISD cardigan.jpg

The next installation at the rotating concept GAP store, next to the GAP flagship on 54th Street, is all about the cardigan - next to a bright selection of the brand's in-house-designed pieces will be a selection of more creative takes on the classic, designed by thirty RISD students.

The students did everything from just adding a bit of shine or applique, to totally deconstructing the cardigans to make dresses and skirts. Patrick Robinson says that GAP needs to think outside of the box (they've reported only sales declines for eleven months in a row), and get people talking about emerging designers.

So far, the names of the students involved have not been mentioned, but we do know that their cardigans will cost over 50% more than usual. Which, from GAP's perspective, seems smart. If these students weren't paid - a safe assumption - then that's a whole lot of profit margin for that tiny little space.

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