The Emperor's Old Clothes

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London's abuzz with talk of a Galliano retrospective.

Like Westwood and Laurent before him, some think it's time the Dior designer's eponymous clothes receive full attention in an exhibition at say, the Victoria & Albert Museum.

But stylist, author and longtime Galliano cohort Camilla Morton's been asking high and low for clothes to be lent, only to find a deficit. It's not that there aren't enough of Galliano's clothes in the world, or that they aren't museum quality from birth. The problem is that not enough have been collected, archived and preserved well enough to sit on a museum stage.

Which makes us think they've just been worn well and hard in lieu of preservation, which should thrill the designer. Plus, he's not even fifty which means they can start repairing and preserving now for a retrospective in twenty years, no?

So take note Zac Posens and Mulleavys of the world, care for those samples of yours so we can admire their quality in a museum thirty years from now and say, "Remember when?"


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