Streetwalker: Real, Live PPQ

PPQ Streetwalker.JPG

Madeline, 23, Writer

Got Her: At PPQ's Spring/Summer 2009 show at the London Fashion Week Tent

Stalked Her: Because her simple hair and shoes defied the dangerously hip crowd - in a good way.

Shot Her: Because sometimes a PPQ dress is hard to wear if you're not Lily Allen/Peaches Geldof/on a red carpet, and she managed to rock it pretty damn well.

She Says: "I used to work for PPQ! They're amazing, and I still love helping them out whenever I can. Now I work for Distill magazine, it's a new book and it's like a magazine digest. So we feature the best of the international fashion press."

We Say: Definitely a dress that's fit to print.

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