Rihanna's Eye Sparkles

rihanna wears creepy sparkly erickson beamon eye patch.jpg

We've talked about publicists getting carried away when Z-list stars wear their client's product, but what about when the product itself is Z-list?

As in, even if a major celebrity who this time around is worthy of their celebrity, wears something by your in-need-of-press client, there are some occasions on which you might want to keep the exciting news to yourself.

Like if, for example, Rihanna were to wear an eye patch. And not just any eye patch, but a Swarovski crystal eye patch that matched the crystal chains hanging from her neck and the unidentified spikes on her shoulders. And if Rihanna were to wear said eye patch on stage despite the fact that she's not in need of an eye patch and has two well-functioning pupils, you might not really want the press to cover it.

Because though we're the first to jump on the fashion fantasy bandwagon be it McQueen's capes or Gareths' rubber bodysuits, we don't really think the world's in need of Swarovski crystal eye patches right now, and we don't think you really want customers to identify you as the brand who made Rihanna's sparkly eye patch.

Unless of course you do. In which case, rock on.

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