Really Target?

rihanna in balmain.jpg

If we were as clever and cute and charming as Seth Meyers and a team of SNL writers, we'd launch into a "Really?" tirade pointed at Target's PR right now.

At a party the other night, someone told us we were the Rip-off police; we get at least ten emails per day alerting us to various knock-offs; lawsuits (Anna Sui, DVF) have been brought after reading our Adventures in Copyrights and today, or yesterday actually, Target's PR sent us an email.

It says:

Hi Britt,

Hope you had a great weekend! Recently, stars like Beyonce and Rihanna have been sporting the Balmain military look which has had fashionistas everywhere dying to replicate the style! Now, Target has the answer with the Go International Line Bandleader Vest which is perfectly pared-down chic to pull of[f] this trend at an affordable price.

The email comes with pictures of Beyonce and Rihanna wearing actual Balmain next to pictures of Target's sleeveless copy. We'd ignored the vest because it's not an exact copy and it's been written up everywhere, but companies sending us their rip-offs is too weird to ignore.

Really Target?

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