Reality TV Hits Retail

fred segal reality show.jpg

Bravo can't get their fashion fill.

They're hard at work on a retail docu-series amid the famed halls of Santa Monica's Fred Segal.

The show, the network's third fashion series, will focus on the competitive nature of retail in such a high end setting and believe us, in a store like that, with its customers and commission and cutthroat salespeople, there will be more drama and fighting than Project Runway rolled into Stylista with a dose of ANTM.

A Bravo exec said, "Fred Segal is a legendary retail haven...the fashionistas who work, shop and gossip at the store promise to have arresting, entertaining, colorful personalities and lives."

Meanwhile, will customers be cool with cameras outside their dressing room? Or will this give the Ron Hermans of the world a boost in business?

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