Rachel Roy Does Pilati-s

RR AW09 .jpg

Before we say anything about the actual Alexandra Richards DJed Rachel Roy show - we must share the news that Andre Leon Talley is, at this very moment, out and about in New York City wearing tweed pants with a black crop top. As in, his midriff is bare underneath his black and white fur vest.

Anyway, Rachel Roy was a little too inspired by Stefano Pilati's Fall 08 collection for YSL.

First, there were the sharp bowl-cut bobs and super shiny black lips. But they were paired with feminine, sheer, Easter-colored dresses so we thought, ok cool, those trends have popped up quite a bit.

But then we got to the grey wool trouser suits paired with corsets and really structured jackets. And the black jumpsuit with sharp, angular seams and chunky black shoes and thought, um, that YSL collection's a little too iconic to reproduce just one year later.

Not that the clothes weren't gorgeous - because they were and we'd wear that powder blue shorts suit anywhere - it's just that we should have left thinking about that and not Stefano Pilati.

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