Planes, Trains and Sweaters

chris waughs sweater for lutz and patmos.jpg

Remember when Lutz & Patmos decided they wanted their favorite train conductor to design a sweater?

Well, here it finally is.

It looks cozy, though terribly unflattering, which makes sense if you drive a train. You probably want to be comfortable and don't really care about your outfit since people generally only see your face.

Train conductor Chris looks like a really nice guy and has a pretty good eye for someone without an ounce of design training or experience, but even though we don't know him personally, he doesn't seem like the type, and ok, we definitely aren't the type, to advocate spending $495 on a 70% cashmere sweater.

However, if you think it's worth it, you can buy it on Barneys or on Lutz & Patmos' new shopping site.

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