Nightcap: Reaching Out


Last night, the fashion crowd showed up at the Longchamp store for beauty company Orlane's cocktail party and fundraiser for Afghan Hands, which helps widows in Afghanistan completely alter the course of their lives.

It's an amazing project in which the women are paid to attend classes at centers around Kabul and also to embroider these gorgeous scarves and wraps (pictured). It's literally the only means of education many of them have ever been offered.

Maggie Rizer (in an adorable BCBG dress), Claire Danes, Hugh Dancy, Peter Som, and a slew of fashion and beauty editors shopped the goods and chatted each other up on the store's third floor deck.

We were pretty much in awe of all those who commit so much of their time to helping women who've never had the opportunity to make their own way. That they are able to do it with hand-crafted fashion, even better.

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