Nightcap: London Style

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At least New York was kind enough to place a couple of days between the CFDA's and the Whitney Art Party - London decided to cram it all into one very fashionable evening.

First up, the Hoping Foundations charity event to raise money for Palestinian refugee camps. Sienna Miller and Kate Moss held court on the dance floor, the former laughing loudly above the crowd and the latter admiring Sienna's shoes.

We ran into Sienna again at Quintessentially's summer party, but she, as well as we, left when we realized the bar was dry.

So it's a good thing Grey Goose sponsored Ralph Lauren's Summer BBQ at the Kensington Roof Gardens. Tennis stars mingled with princesses though we had our eye on Dolce & Gabanna model David Gandy. He's unphased by Jesus turn in the Dolce spotlight, in part because he's busy penning a column for the new magazine Fash-ism, launching next month.

Daisy Lowe flew back to London just for the party and held court in the DJ booth which set off a flood of whispers that she's meant to land a Ralph Lauren campaign sooner rather than later.


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