Moore Should Go For Less


We at Fashionista are having yet another debate this afternoon. This time, a back and forth over the July cover of British Vogue, which features a heavily made up Julianne Moore. Shot by Alasdair McLellan, the coverline calls Moore "the most glamorous grown-up on screen."

We all like Julianne (some of us more than others), and we've always loved that she's so fresh-faced - with her beautiful pale skin, freckles and red hair all complementing each other. The "glamorous" make-up used for the Vogue shoot is too heavy for my taste and, dare I say it, verging on Norma Desmond territory. To me, she looks way older than she is.

Both Hollywood and the fashion industry are youth crazy, so it is great to see a beautiful woman over 40 holding her own and still scoring covers. But no one wants to look ten years older than their real age, right? Especially if they biggest line on the cover is "Ageless Style"

Abby, apparently the voice of dissent in the office today, thinks she looks gorgeous. Though she admits to being biased on all matters related to Julianne Moore.

What do you think?


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