Model Slash Move On

kate moss topshop tea dress.jpg

Our world is full of model slash something iterations.

The original, and most common, would be model slash actress: Lauren Hutton, Cybill Sheppard, Cindy Crawford, Elle MacPherson et al. Then came model slash photographer: Ellen von Unwerth, Helena Christensen, Iekeline Stange, ad naseum. Now we've been blessed with a stash of model slash designers which brings us to our point.

To the pretty faces out there making dresses, please spare us from yet another slew of wannabe vintage floral tea dresses. You know who you are, the Gail Elliots, Milla Jovovichs, Erin Wassons and Kate Mosses of the world.

Miss Moss, your Topshop disasters have reached cringe-worthy status. The ditzy, daffodil covered, forties style, matronly, smocks without a dash of cool belong in the back of musty thrift stores, not on high street racks. And you can throw as many super cool Balmain blazers on top of the floral frocks as you like but you're still a lamb in sheep's clothing - especially since we know you ordered eight key pieces from Poltock and Walsh this season. Nary a flower in sight, just edgy leopard prints, sharp shoulders and a heavy dose of sexy.

Come on girls, leave the designing to the Alexander McQueen's of the world. Model slash model can't be so bad.


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