Miu Miu On 57th Opens Today

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Yesterday, we got wind that the Miu Miu store on 57th that's been under construction for what feels like forever, is finally set to open to the public today.

Now, the details are filling in: If you stop by the store, expect coffee, cocktails, blown-up and sometimes distorted versions of past ad campaigns (we're thinking Kirsten's might make for an Alice in Wonderland comes to life effect), and a capsule collection of 130 limited-edition pieces including silk dresses, shifts with Pompeii-inspired prints and polka-dot pumps.

But even though things in the shopping world seem bleak right now, and even though there's already another Miu Miu boutique on Madison nearby, Patrizio Bertelli, Prada's CEO, maintains the store should still do very well, adding that the US will get three more Miu Miu boutiques across the country in the coming year and a half.

So if you find yourself uptown today, we suggest stopping by. Even if you don't buy anything, it kind of sounds like an art gallery opening - free and fun (or just funny, depending on your take on Miu Miu's harlequin pieces), with cocktails.

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