Mid-Day Snack

tim at love with armani times rubbish.jpg

Love Me: The LOVE staff, including Tim Walker and his perfect hat, spent the afternoon perusing The Armani Times. Rubbish Mag, one more reason we wish we lived in London (or Britt does). {LOVEblog}

Greener Pastures: This made us so giggly and excited, we're a little embarrassed. There was not a cooler shade on the runway all season, and now it's coming to real life. Hooray! {BeautyCounter}

Renzo to the Rescue: Sophia Kokosalaki apparently scored a big enough paycheck from Diesel to get her own company back too. Well played. {VogueUK}

Nine Daughters and a Stereo: There's no headline better than the actual name of this model agency in Cologne of all places. Rick Owens and Raf Simons think they're way cool. We agree. {DazedDigital}

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