Mid-Day Snack

isobel lucas in chloe ss09.jpg

Settled: Woody Allen asked for 10 million, but this morning settled for 5 from American Apparel. {NYPost}

Smells Like Guinness: Daphne Guinness revealed her new perfume, made with Comme des Garcons, at the George in London yesterday morning. A short film will accompany its September launch, because nothing sells without a film apparently. {ShowStudio}

Alice & a Milkshake: Stacey Bendet, of Alice & Olivia, says a McDonald's Big Mac and strawberry milkshake are her favorite meal. She's also working on a jewelry collaboration with Erickson Beamon. We believe one of those things. {Blackbook}

So Far So Good:
Isobel Lucas in Vanity Fair - the best showing of SS09 Chloe we've seen yet. {VanityFair}

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