Mid-Day Snack


Die Hard: Do you think Tallulah's getting ribbed about these pics over at her Bazaar gig? We're just super glad that's not our dad doing all those things because this is definitely more uncomfortable than anything her stepdad has ever Tweeted. {W}

All Tied Up: We've been rocking out old school knot bracelets since Memorial Day and plan to all summer long. Behnaz has a different spin. {Elle }

Thank You Selma: Charivari creator Selma Weiser passed away this weekend. We have her to thank for giving Marc his first fashion job and basically reinventing merchandising and retail. {WWD}

This is...Fashionair: Manager and producer Simon Fuller (he of American Idol and Spice Girls fame) is taking his wily media ways to the internet in September by way of a fashion website called Fashionair. Will VB be blogging? {Grazia}

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