Men on The Row

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The Row, one of the only celebrity lines that manages to overcome the "celeb" part of their story even though the creatives behind it have sold more US Weekly covers than Mandy Moore, has decided to quietly expand into menswear, much like many other womenswear designers as of late.

The 35 piece collection should hit stores this Fall, ranging from t-shirts for $230 and overcoats for $3,200 (and if that second price just made you laugh, consider that their current line includes a $6,000 trench that looks like it was made exclusively for Catherine Deneuve).

Clearly, the women's side of The Row has been doing very well if the Olsens think expanding into such high-end menswear is a good idea. Ashley claims most people don't know it's her behind The Row but we wonder if her tween-association will be a bigger issue with the menswear rather than the women's - after all, we're not so sure grown men want to wear expensive pants designed by the same girls whose DVDs are stacked in their daughters' bedrooms.

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