Matthew Williamson Colors H&M

matthew william with margeareta van den bosch from hm from vogue uk.jpg

Always one to ride a good wave, H&M's already announced their next capsule collection designer for this Spring, and it's Matthew Williamson (another one down from our list of who doesn't have a diffusion line).

Expect neons, clashing prints, billowy silhouettes - basically, the perfect wardrobe if you plan to spend your summer in Ibiza (and if you like being about as loud as a mariachi band with your wardrobe).

The collection hits "select" stores April 23rd (with a second, larger delivery in mid-May hitting 1,700 doors), just in time for everyone's moment of "I've had it!" with saving, cueing a massive splurge without the major credit card damage.

That is, of course, if enough girls come out for Matthew Williamson. We're not so sure the H&M customer really meshes with his designs - bright, floral caftans meant for poolside sunbathing? This one might have actually done better at Target...

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