Luella Was Hella Good

Luella aw09 .JPG

The only reason one wakes up at 7 am after two hours of sleep on a gloomy London morning is for Luella.

Her show was held at the Flower Cellars in Covent Garden which sounds pretty but is actually the same dungeon-like space Fashion Fringe was held at this past fall. It was an appropriate venue for her edgier, grown-up school girl collection.

Fall 09 comes dressed in tweeds, retro sweaters and covered with over-sized hooks and eyes. The party dresses shone, of course, in chunky sheer and metallic stripes. Each model had her own hair-do (so Marc, again) and cutesy hair accessories in typical Luella style. There were shiny patent trenches and totes, layered chiffon prints and slouchy, skinny jeans.

Starlets love their Luella but this time around a London friend had to point out Girls Aloud members and Skins actors - though I got Peaches and Erin O'Connor on my own.

And this might be the first of Luella's collection that Erin can actually wear.

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