London is Definitely Calling


Cameron Diaz, Leo Di Caprio, Mickey Rourke, Rihanna, Russell Crowe, Pharrell Williams, Michelle Williams, Jude Law - no hang on, Jude lives here….so apart from him, what are all these Hollywood’ers doing in London?

Looks like school is out in LA, as they seem to have descended en masse. Of course, the tabbies are having a ball speculating whether Cameron is here with her new “boyfriend” Leo di Cap, or if she's dating Jude Law, who she hooked up with in the nightclub Movida. (A weird choice to be sure - it's a bit bridge and tunnel.)

She will be happy to know, however, that Kate Moss’s hairdresser/bestie, James Brown, has finally opened up a salon in London. His staff charges, well, a snip - only £55. But to get the man himself, you need to be prepared to fork over £500.

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