When we were younger, we loved Legos. Making little towns could entertain us for hours-- or until our Barbie showed up and totally towered over her supposed home.

And we think that these Jean-Charles de Castelbajac customizable Lego sunglasses that we found on Dazed Digital, are too funny.

The sunglasses are available in red, white, and yellow, and can be customized by adding Lego as you please.

While we think that in some cases, paying to DIY a designer product, like this $5,500 Fendi baguette and this lettered black Roger Vivier bag, can get kind of ridiculous.

That said, we can't help but want to try to create our own Lego masterpiece. And at just over $150, the shades are quite a bit cheaper than the make-you-own purses.

With Ray Ban offering up their Colorize kit, and items like the One-Dress being sold, we have to ask, do you get nervous at the thought of being left to your own defenses and prefer your purchases to be ready-made or are you willing to shell out to DIY your designer goods?


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