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We've seen some big stars like Thandie Newton and Halle Berry in Erdem's creations, and last night, at the ultra exclusive (so exclusive, you practically needed a secret handshake to get in) premiere of The Suicide Brothers—a film starring Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend—Keira showed up, all hard bangs and Erdem maxi dress.

Ms. Knightley's stylist and friend, Leith Clark who like Erdem is Canadian, chose the butterfly covered creation—carrying on with the insect and bugs theme that is the designer's leitmotif. It was a brilliant choice, and seemed to match Keira's quirkiness: "Isn't it beautiful?" said the actress. Yes, in fact it was.

We've admired Erdem for many seasons—well before he was fashion's "next big thing". But it's hardly a surprise that fashion journos have traditionally been lukewarm to the Canadian-Turkish London-based designer. His prints, all blurry and off-kilter are definitely an acquired taste for many. But his "hang on, I am going to hurl" prints are indicative of what is going on right now in fashion—a jerky roller coaster ride of of perching highs and stomach dropping lows, with euphoria and nausea in equal doses. In other words, what we have lived with in fashion for the past year.

But this dress was more calm, sedate, even happy. Could Erdem be telling us something? Keira was anyway: "It's perfectly comfortable. I may even just sleep in it tonight."


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