Isaac Back to the Television!

isaac mizrahi is so adorable you just want to hug him.jpg

When we first heard about Bravo's Project Runway replacement, Fashion House, we chalked it up to being a desperate move and a show that probably no one would watch.

Consider our tune changed: Bravo's just announced the show's judges, and they're none other than Isaac Mizrahi (whom we wish we could carry around in our pocket for running commentary all day) and IMG's Fern Mallis! (Oh, um, also Kelly Rowland, but let's just skip over that part.)

The show airs sometime later this year, and pits professional designers against each other in a series of challenges for the chance to have their line available for sale in a "major retail outlet" (which we're sure will be a major help to whichever department store signed on for this).

But back to what's important: If Isaac can somehow work Sketches & Answers into this - maybe while the credits roll? - we're hooked.

Update: Bravo's changed the show's name to The Fashion Show. Very descriptive.

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