Is There A Part For You in SATC 2?


Thanks to EW's Popwatch Blog, we just learned that there will be an open casting call for the Sex and the City sequel a week from today on August 4th. No agent, Equity, or SAG card required - though that doesn't exclude you if you do have one.

We don't know much yet about the plot of the new film. Though we do know that Pat Field is hesitant to go all recessionista with the clothing.

And the call sheet doesn't give away anything incredibly dishy, as we could put any of these people in any number of scenes from the series or the first movie. They're looking for "international types (Middle Eastern, Arabic, Asian, European, British), professional soccer players, fashion models, urban club goers, gays and lesbians, celebrity types, upscale socialites."

Though might there be a soccer player in Samantha's future? If you score a background part, be sure to send us tidbits from the set.

All the details after the jump!

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