“I'll Walk You in the Sunshine”

converse with grateful dead skull.jpg

When I was in high school, the unofficial uniform for a lot of my classmates consisted of Birkenstocks, ripped tan cargo pants and your dad's most psychedelic Grateful Dead t-shirt possible. I was never really into the Dead as much as some of my friends, but I did always think the little bears were adorable.

So it's with some sentimentalism that I swoon over these Converse Hi-Tops that feature the Grateful Dead skull for all passersby to see. Some people (like the lunch ladies) see that and think, "Drugs! Bad", but all I see is second period Geometry and the shirts some seniors made with our high school name, emblazoned with the little Dead bears marching up and over the name, like it was a cliff.

On a side note, it's too bad these didn't come out fourteen years ago. Wouldn't these have been so cute on Mary-Kate in The Wackness?

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