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Everyone we know has about a million weddings to go to this summer. And with the wedding comes the bachelorette party. Now this can either be really fun or a total disaster (and we don't even mean in a Hangover kind of way.)

No, the problem is that oftentimes women lose their once-rational minds and wear head pieces and message t-shirts that on any other day of the year, they would find appalling.

Well, it just so happens that we went to a very opposite sort of shindig this weekend. It was at a spa (with a bar!) and the bride-to-be's sister had fashioned a rather gorgeous fascinator in gold and white. Finally, a bachelorette fashion statement that I could get behind.

Luckily for us all, this is not a one-off deal. ARIA by Alison fascinators and headbands (along with knit hats, capelets, gloves, and more) are available at stores like Flirt in Brooklyn or online here...saving us all from toilet paper veils, one bride at a time.

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