Goodbye, Max Factor


At least in the US, that is. Procter & Gamble is going to stop selling the brand domestically, though it will continue to globally.

We haven't paid much attention to the brand over the past few years, and apparently, we are not alone. It seemed a bit schizophrenic lately, signing Carmen Electra to a contract one minute, but then a year later seeming to shift gears back toward fashion by hiring makep superstar Pat McGrath as a spokesperson and most recently Gisele for the ads.

The brand's disappearance might not impact our daily lives, but we're sad to see a company with such a rich history say goodbye to the country where it started. It is the original makeup artist brand and was once the epitome of old Hollywood.

It's also a bit of a shock to hear about the downsizing of a major beauty brand, as that industry is usually able to withstand economic downturns better than most. Hence the term "lipstick index" where in tough times, cosmetics sales often improve. Though that doesn't seem to be the case with that recession.

Here's hoping there won't be more closings to come.

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