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We’ve talked about your flying style, but what about your in-flight beauty routine?

Without a stash of go-to skin essentials, you're likely to walk off the plane with dull, dry, all-around blah skin.

After years of fine-tuning and begrudgingly editing down my inventory, I’ve finally settled on a small list of products that I carry with me every time I fly, no exceptions: cleanser, eye cream and a light moisturizer. All three are great for grooming-on-the-go, especially if you need to be somewhere straight off the plane and won’t have time to freshen up.

You can, of course, cull together a few of your favorite products or squeeze bits of the empty ones you already use into teeny tiny travel containers. Or you can just buy an already perfect set and save it for flights.

Currently, I’m obsessed with these three sets: ESPA, The Organic Pharmacy's amazing holistic kit and this luxe set by celeb aesthetician Eve Lom.

Are there any airplane skin tricks I'm missing?


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