Flight of the Fashions

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Maybe it's because not long ago this time of year meant spring break, or maybe it's that Vogue Italia spread we posted yesterday, either way, we're dying for a vacation.

With a vacation comes outfits and the hotly debated question, "What does one wear on the plane?"

Every magazine in the world's told us to wear comfy pants, head-to-toe black, boyfriend jeans etc. all covered up with a blanket posed as a scarf, but when we get to the airport we either see sweats or diamonds, with little in between.

Obviously an outfit's partly determined by the destination, who's waiting at the gate and probably the class listed on your ticket, but how do you decide what to wear on the runway? If you're reading this you probably aren't of the Juicy demographic and you can't all be toting your magazines in a Birkin.

So, what are you wearing?


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