First Look: J Mendel

We dragged our ragged selves out of bed this morning to make it to the Tents by 9am for the J Mendel show (oh yeah, it started much closer to 10) armed with Wellies at the advice of (more on that later).

And it was worth it - It was our first time seeing a particularly fur-centric designer, which we totally forgot when we asked the security guard why he needed to look in everyone's bag before entering (the woman in front of me actually had to take her peach out of its plastic bag to prove that the round object with an unusually long stem was, in fact, fruit.)

The clothes were as elegant and high quality Banana Republic-ish as you would expect, but the best part was the closing dress. A strapless, metallic, silk moire gown (which haven't been much of a force this season) with pleated tulle, massive ribbons, and a back that floated to give the dress a sort of ghost train. It set off our favorite part of Fashion Week - Instant and genuine applause from a grateful crowd (a Fall 09 first)!

For your pleasure, my makeshift video (images after the jump) of the closing dress on its final round.

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