Extreme Mid-East Makeovers


We'd like to thank the beauty-obsessed reporters over at Allure for directing us to this very interesting story that we missed in Sunday's LA Times.

Turns out that plastic surgery is majorly on the rise in Iraq, and we don't mean the reconstructive type that has obviously been prevalent and necessary in the war-torn nation. Nope, we're talking boob (mostly reductions) and nose jobs which, quite frankly, surprised the hell out of us.

And guess what? One of the main culprits is the same one we have here—television. With the arrival of satellite TV in Iraq, came a massive increase in elective surgeries. As one surgeon said, "It's good having television as a source of information, but what you see on TV is not always reality. There are special effects, lights. People believe what they see and come to us expecting results that may be unrealistic."

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