E-Luxury: More Talk, Less Sell

margiela shoe on eluxury.jpg

E-Luxury is no longer.

Well, technically it still exists but is transitioning into an "'E-window’ into the world of luxury, by serving as an information reference for luxury in fashion, art de vivre, leather goods, wines and spirits, watches and jewelry, gastronomy, cars, yachts and services," instead of a place one can buy luxury goods on-line by this June.

So, it will be a super fancy blog through which parent company LVMH can promote its own brands and speak to those still able to afford all of the above by this summer. Spokespeople for the site say the change has little to do with the economy but is a result of so many brands ushering in their own online retail platforms.

Which means, if you're the kind of girl who likes to buy her Pucci and her Margiela and her Tod's all in one place, go now.

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