Coventry: Comfy, Sexy, Cool

coventry aw09 .JPG

It's always fascinating to go to various shows in the same location. If I hadn't walked in the same entrance, I'd never have believed Coventry debuted their fall 09 collection in the same theatre as Rag & Bone.

Matthew Terry's clothes might've been presented to a smaller audience but they were still a hit. He layered sheer lightweight knits under Ralph Lauren-y jackets. There was a beautifully stitched strapless tweed dress with an almost cable knit bust, tight pencil skirts, lace blouses and high-waisted knit pants - all in a neutral palette.

The clothes were grown up and sexy but the light cashmere knit made them look super comfortable. We'd even wear a couple of the men's cardigans, which we should be able to do come fall if the smiling, nodding heads from buyers - especially Bendel's and Odin - were any indication.

Meanwhile, we might've spent too much time contemplating the randomness of the front row which sat, in order, Leigh Lezark, Sam Endicott of The Bravery and Mrs. Pete Campbell from Mad Men. Because what, really, is the probability of any of them wearing this collection?

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