Conversation at Yohji Yamamoto

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My camera is like, so over Fashion Week.

Or maybe it was protesting the lit up runway at Yohji Yamamoto. Either way, my pictures are terrible. So I'll tell you about the pre-show conversation I had instead and you know where to find runway pictures.

I sat next to an editor from Vogue Brazil. Her thoughts on:

Anna Piaggi: "Do you know her? You are so young! She makes me tired. She is always perfectly dressed, meticulously coiffed. I just think, it must be so hard to pack because you know, in Brazil, we have so much help. Her home, in Milan, is literally covered in clothes, the most beautiful clothes that everyone who loves her has given her but so much work to take care of!"

Yohji and Comme des Garcons: "I saw them both show for the first time here in Paris in 1983. You were born, no? It was revolutionary, like girls walking out of a bomb. An entirely new aesthetic for us, all black and so deconstructed -brilliant.

Tokyo: "I went to Tokyo to interview Yohji in '92 and he is such a gentleman. A very quiet gentleman who was so famous, worshipped, in Japan. You know, his look is not trendy right now, but look at all the women who love his clothes. He will always be relevant."

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