CNN: Rap on the Wrap Dress


In case you didn't get enough of Diane Von Furstenberg in her Amex commercial, CNN has you covered.

Tomorrow night, on Revealed, DVF will spill her soul about how she will be forever associated with the wrap dress, the Wonder Woman project and, if we're lucky, secrets about secret CFDA projects.

The super fun part though is CNN's call for testimonials about buying a 70's era wrap dress and how much it means to you. So if you love your jersey frocks and want to express your love to Diane (the best ones will go on the air) leave a message on CNN's Facebook, or email them at

And more importantly, tune in online to watch Revealed, or find out when you can watch it on TV.

Best Part? The copy refers to her as a German Socialite - wonder what she'd say about that.


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