Claudia to YSL and Dolce

claudia schiffer hails a staircase for chanel.jpg

It's official: This season's trend for established supermodels will trickle into Spring 09, with WWD confirming Claudia Schiffer as the new face of YSL (replacing Naomi) and Dolce (replacing a trio of young things playing GG).

Also, she gets to keep her post as the face of Salvatore Ferragamo, but we're pretty sure she's definitely out at Chanel, with either Heidi Mount or Sasha rumored to be taking her spot.

We guess YSL, Dolce and Salvatore have the money to pay a supe whatever she asks, a much different situation from Donna Karan, who's recycling runway shots for her Spring campaign - undoubtedly saving a lot of money in the process by not paying for a photographer, a venue, all the people involved, and probably not Constance Jablonski who's technically the campaign girl - instead of renewing Kate's contract for however many zillions she made for Fall 08.

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