Christy Crush, Part Two


Sometimes I really wish I was a Hamptons girl. Not for the scene, or especially the concept of having to dress up to pick up some groceries at Citarella. But for the occasional event that I wish I was attending on some summer weekend, like this one.

I'm occasionally found in Montauk (which I so don't consider the Hamptons despite this summer's attempts to make it seem otherwise) and if I was on Saturday I would so be making the drive to East to meet one Christy Turlington, who I professed my undying love for just the other day.

The thing can live the dream for me, as I maneuver the weekend crowds in Park Slope. The supermodel is co-hosting an event with Temperley London called Shop for CARE on Saturday, to help equip women around the world with the tools they need to get above the poverty line.

There will be a silent auction of one-of-a-kind and vintage Temperley gowns and proceeds from the week's sales at the store will also go to the cause.

All the details after the jump!

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