Celine's Bicyclette: The Real Deal

pheobe philo not so fast.jpg

Last week, the big non-Fashion Week news was Phoebe Philo's Bicyclette collection. Turns out, the original reporters had some incorrect info, so here's the real deal for those who were excited about Phoebe's return:

1. The collection was not designed by Phoebe, but by Ivana Omazic, the designer Phoebe's been hired to replace. Bicyclette marks Ivana's final efforts for Celine.

2. The clothes hit stores in April, not August, so there won't be any designer confusion once Phoebe's Resort collection hits the runway in June.

So, bad news: This has nothing to do with Phoebe. Good news: The clothes come even sooner for those dying to have the perfect outfit in which to circle Nolita looking for Scott.

That is all.

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